AND THE "WHO'S WHO" IN MEDICINE     by Lisa Ditkowsky
(and Pllush Capital Management)

Image© Raf Winterpacht

You are busy and respected medical professional saving lives and making people feel better. We are PLLUSH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, implementing strategies to compound wealth and promote legacies. We are experienced at saving financial lives and dreams and making them better!

Our physician clients are often married to their jobs. Emergencies and opportunities know no time clock. Hence, there is often not enough time in a day to watch over all of your investment accounts, tax documents, legal documents and insurance policies.

While becoming top in your field in the healthcare industry is exhilarating, falling behind in your Financial Planning can be downright depressing. You would never leave a patient cut open lying on the operating table and walk away. Why leave yourself exposed in the global Financial marketplace without having a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ watching over your wealth daily.

Doctors are often great at making money, but true wealth is about so much more than money in the bank. Doctors are usually superstars in the eyes of their patients, but how about creating a Financial Plan along with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ that will make you superstars in the eyes of your spouse, children, parents and all legacy interests?

Here at Pllush Capital Management and Pllush Capital Management Private Client, we can ensure that your tomorrows are even better than your todays.