FAMILY OFFICES         By Lisa A. Ditkowsky
(and Pllush Capital Management)

Here at Pllush Capital Management, we are experts in the Family Office space. Lisa A. Ditkowsky, CFP® and our founder, has authored industry-leading articles on Family Offices. We have coached other Financial Planning practices on how to create a Multi-Family Office practice. Our in-depth articles have been published in "Private Wealth" and "Financial Advisor" Magazines.

A Family Office is a family that has a minimum of $20M net worth (at least $10M liquid). Some Family Offices control billions of dollars because a family has so greatly succeeded in business and entrepreneurial success. Some of the Family Offices that we serve have created wonderful private companies, and others have family members involved in public companies. Still other families inherited their great wealth or created it through prudent and savvy investing. Here at Pllush Capital Management, we know that all Family Offices share the same goal of growing and compounding wealth and protecting the downside as aggressively as we strategize to grow the upside.

At Pllush Capital Management, we see the government taxing away at the transfer of intergenerational wealth through Estate Taxes, Gift Taxes, Business Transfer Taxes, Retirement Taxes, Trust Taxes and the list goes on. Proper Financial Planning can truly minimize these unnecessary taxes and keep the wealth there for the next generation. Family Offices all want to minimize taxes. Family Offices all want advice on Asset Protection from creditors and to preserve the wealth, businesses and partnerships for the next generation.

In addition, Pllush Capital Management provides ultra-high-net-worth Insurance Planning services to protect your wealth and legacies through proper Life Insurance Planning, Disability Insurance Planning, Long Term Care Planning, Charitable Giving Planning and Liability Protection Planning.

At Pllush Capital Management and Pllush Capital Management Private Client, we quarterback your High Net Worth collaborative team, whether you have $20M or $20B. We will even make our Private Client team available to you for consultation at a minimum of $5M investable assets (pending an initial interview) because we realize that often $5M is just a start on the way to your much greater wealth and accomplishments.

Following are a sampling of the Financial Planning services that we extend to our Family Office Clients --

  • Business' Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans
  • Business' Employee Benefits
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Minimization and Payroll (via our network of Accounting and Payroll partners)
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Income Strategy Planning
  • Turnaround Services (via our network of Legal and Business Consultants)
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Alternative Investments
  • Estate Planning (and Business and its stock as an Estate Asset)
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Buy Sell Agreement Analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting
  • Healthcare Management and Concierge Services (through our network of licensed and insured Care Managers)
  • Appraisals on Fine Art, Cars, Jewelry and Collectibles (through our network of Certified Appraisers)
  • Nationally Chartered Trust Company Services

Pllush Capital Management Private Client caters to the Multi-Family Office market and their Stewards. Our affiliation with the nation's number one Financial Planning firm allows us to deeply engage with your Family Office across all fronts and service you through our robust internal and external networks of collaborating professionals.

All consultations will always be treated with 100 percent confidentiality.