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Celebrities and Athletes share a lot of unique challenges when it comes to Financial Planning and growing and protecting their hard-earned wealth. Wealth often comes suddenly and unexpectedly in the world of entertainment and professional sports. The right CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ can make all difference between compounding your money and losing it all.

As a professional athlete, celebrity or entertainer, it often seems that the bigger you become, everybody wants a piece of you. You surround yourselves with various agents, lawyers and business managers, all who have a stake in your money. Do you have a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with experience working with clients with tremendous wealth?

Do you have an experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who is held to CFP Board of Standard’s highest ethical and fiduciary standards? Is your Financial Planner keeping checks and balances over all the other professionals who bill you? Have you worked with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ to do an extensive written Financial Plan? Do you understand where all your millions of dollars are? Do you understand the risks associated with the investments you are in?

Is your Financial Advisor recommending Alternative Investments such as Hedge Funds, REITS, Managed Futures, BDCs, Oil and Gas Partnerships and Limited Partnerships interests just because you are wealthy? Do you put blind trust and faith in the people handling your millions? At Pllush Capital Management, we make sure our clients understand their investments and really want them. We make sure our clients fully understand the difference between illiquid and liquid investments before committing to an investment.

Asset protection is a key concern of the ultra-high net worth clients that we work with. Celebrities and athletes often go through a decade or more of having very little money before they hit it big. When you suddenly realize you have multiples of millions of dollars, you better believe it that everyone around you has on eye on your wealth.

You are at or nearing the pinnacle of your success. Do yourself a favor, and call us so that our team at PLLUSH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT PRIVATE CLIENT* can help lock your wealth in place.

Just as we do not stay in top form without working out, rehearsing and practicing, our Finances do not stay in shape without daily Financial Planning attention.

*NOTE - Pllush Capital Management Private Client is available to all Financial Planning clients who meet certain minimum wealth requirements and require deeper engagement across our many best-in-the-industry Wealth Management departments.