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Pllush Capital Management and Lisa Ditkowsky, CFP®, protect and promote intergenerational wealth growth. Our core mission is to help business owners, professionals and their aging parents compound wealth. Many of our retired clients created tremendous wealth and want us to make sure they have ample income now and are able to leave even greater legacies for the next generations.

At Pllush Capital Management, we provide CONFIDENTIAL, no-obligation, no-cost account reviews to aging investors. Preventing Financial Abuse of Aging Investors is our top priority. We work our whole lives to create wealth, and it can be gone in an instant if we trust the wrong people.

Our firm sees the government taxing away at the transfer of intergenerational wealth through Estate Taxes, Gift Taxes, Business Transfer Taxes, Retirement Taxes, Trust Taxes and the list goes on. Proper Financial Planning can truly minimize all of these unnecessary taxes and keep the wealth there for the next generations.

Pllush Capital Management works beyond just Investment Planning and Insurance Planning and helps you with your entire Estate Plan and Tax Minimization Strategy.

Our Critical Mission: To Build Your Dreams and Legacies - One Family at a Time.

Lisa Ditkowsky, CFP®