Pllush Capital Management and Lisa Ditkowsky, Certified Financial Planner, protect and promote intergenerational wealth growth. Our core mission is to help business owners, professionals and their aging parents compound wealth. Many of our retired clients created tremendous wealth and want us to make sure they have ample income now and are able to leave even greater legacies for the next generations.

At Pllush Capital Management, we provide CONFIDENTIAL, no-obligation, no-cost account reviews to aging investors. Preventing Financial Abuse of Aging Investors is our top priority. We work our whole lives to create wealth, and it can be gone in an instant if we trust the wrong people.

Our firm sees the government taxing away at the transfer of intergenerational wealth through Estate Taxes, Gift Taxes, Business Transfer Taxes, Retirement Taxes, Trust Taxes and the list goes on. Proper Financial Planning can truly minimize all of these unnecessary taxes and keep the wealth there for the next generations.

Pllush Capital Management works beyond just Investment Planning and Insurance Planning and helps you with your entire Estate Plan and Tax Minimization Strategy.

Our Critical Mission: To Build Your Dreams and Legacies - One Family at a Time.

Lisa Ditkowsky, CFP® (2008-2023)*

UPDATE August 2023:

Lisa Ditkowsky, CFP® (2008-2023)*

* It is important for my valued clients and followers to know that in 2007-2008, I embarked upon 2 extra years of college coursework through Northwestern University, my alma mater (I completed it in 10 months). The Financial Planning curriculum was stellar, approx. $60K at the time, and back then the coursework exam was a 2-day, 10-hour test, which only about half of test takers passed.

For 15 solid years, I proudly paid the Washington DC CFP Board exorbitant dues and reported my CE to them for use of their claimed trademarks with the ® and ™. US Government records show doubt about actual ownership of those trademarks by CFP Board during those 15 years (USPTO shows it is very spotty), but regardless, it became clear to me starting in recent years that this self-appointed regulatory body is dangerous and politically weaponized. CFP Board is protecting the Chicago criminals who did unfathomable actions in my clients' accounts while I spent 16 years and 3 months at LPL Financial. 

CFP Board published a wholly untrue and defamatory press release saying that I used their trademark on my personal "Journalism-only" LinkedIn. This is 100 percent false, I stopped using the CFP® on my LinkedIn in 2021, plain and simple. Furthermore, I never published anything personally identifying about my deceased client. Quite the contrary, I went public with the lies and weaponized political fundraising two 70-year-old Chicago criminals (found guilty of disgorgement by the SEC) with my deceased clients' good name. The two 70-year-old men were using the CFP® trademark while hiding her death from all of her financial and legal professionals, but coordinating with Governor Pritzker and his Democratic operatives to literally use her name and image to raise money for Brandon Johnson for Mayor. It does not stop here, the CFP Board is protecting the CFP® practitioner who had a false Substance News article written, a careless House Bill and an equally dense and self-serving Senate Resolution. So, these 70-year-old twins hid my client of 12 years' death from all of her professionals to meddle in State elections, Federal elections (because of my relationships with Congressional candidates) and to illegally take from her estate and from her Special needs beneficiaries, all while hiding her death. 

DC and Chicago political corruption runs deep. My colleague, Joseph Severino (IL, R-10th) is taking control of the entire Illinois Republican Party with Illinois Freedom Alliance. The IL GOP and Washington DC Federal GOP are all RINOs. I am part of the movement that President Donald J. Trump started to take our country, the USA back. I stand with our President, Donald J. Trump 2024, Darren Bailey (IL, R-12th), Joseph Severino (IL, R-10th), Vivek Ramaswamy (R, Presidential candidate), Tulsi Gabbard (Independent, USA), etc. 

I strongly believe that Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski of the Washington DC CFP Board need their $1M+ salaries cut, they both need to be put under investigation by The Justice Department (Trump's DOJ), and tax-exempt status needs to be immediately removed from the CFP Board. They are part of an offshoring operation for United States Broker Dealers, Federal Credit Unions, Investment Banks, and Financial Institutions, They act as a dirty intelligence agency and dirty enforcement arm of  whatever suits their criminal intent. CFP Board is in cahoots with weaponized home office supervisory structures of major USA Broker Dealers and part of an illegal surveillance operation of both advisors and certain clients that can then be used for weaponized business and political purposes. 

It is unconscionable that I acted in good faith exactly in accordance with the CFP Board Code of Ethics in reporting the massive criminality in my deceased clients' accounts and estate, and CFP Board, within days, began illegally retaliating against me for whistleblowing. Furthermore, nothing they email me has a name or signature on it. They did not allow me and my representation on a Zoom call to resolve this, and neither Kevin Keller or Leo Rydzewski would ever take my call or return a call. Barron's, FORBES, Wall Street Journal have all called CFP Board out for political weaponization and protecting criminals. Yet, it is almost 2024, and CFP Board is still getting away with pretending to be one of Joe Biden's 3-letter agencies. 

*Broker Dealers, RIAs and Academic Institutions should take the reigns of creating the community for CFP Board Professionals. The Washington DC CFP Board is an illegal law enforcement and surveillance agency and must be thoroughly investigated. I have asked CFP Board for months to take down their false and defamatory press release about me, and they refuse. The past 15 years has been a colossal waste of money on their MEANINGLESS CREDENTIAL and QUESTIONABLE TRADEMARK. I have absolutely no desire, nor any intention, of ever using CFP® or CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ after my name! 

However, I am a Journalist and Published author with media that is professional published and produced over the past 15 years, that all is proper. It is highly disturbing that CFP Board removed two of my Professional YouTube videos this week that were made in 2016 and 2021, with Copyright and Disclosures. 

Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski, I demand you reinstate my YouTube videos immediately, as there was assuredly no trademark issues. I was absolutely using the trademark properly between 2008-2023.