AGING INVESTORS               By Lisa A. Ditkowsky
(and Pllush Capital Management)

Image© Raf Winterpacht

Let's face it. We are all aging, and in the blink of an eye, we look back and wonder where all the years have gone. I know plenty a Generation Xer (1965-1980) who still feels like a College Coed and plenty a Baby Boomer who wonders how the 1980s so quickly turned into the 21st Century. Before we know it, 1980 will be 40 years in the dust! Big hair, shoulder pads, "man glam" and lots of denim is already a whole generation ago.

Our beloved Greatest Generation are now loving their Great(est) Grandchildren like their own. These are our elders and our pioneers of American business, industry, manufacturing and class. For the Greatest Generation, how did the Fat Fifties so quickly become a century encompassing "The Lost Decade", the dot-com bust, the technology bubble bursting, the credit crisis looming and sinking some big American Institutions, while others were bailed out? How did the youth of our aging family members give way to unprecedented Quantitative Easing, electronic trading, the "big money" rocking our markets, the longest bond bull market run in history, flash crashes in the stock market and a drawn out zero-interest rate policy?

Our eldest investors can actually remember the last time before December 2008 that the Prime Interest Rate was 3.25 percent. It was as of August 4, 1955. They have seen interest rates come full circle, as only someone with 53-plus year perspective can say they have.

Pllush Capital Management and Lisa Ditkowsky, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, are spending a lifetime career working with ALL Aging Investors. Knowledge of the history of the past shapes our progress toward a financially full future.

In working with ALL Aging Investors, we wholeheartedly encourage our oldest and wisest investors to share their knowledge and communicate openly with their trusted younger family members. It is only in this manner that legacies can be built to last with diamond-strength durability.