| May 04, 2023

May 4, 2023 GLOBAL FERTILITY BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE™ Post Re-Posted on May 13, 2023, because a publicly traded USA company (and number one Financial Planning Firm), and Washington DC political lobbyists (whose not-for-profit IRS status, regulated by the USA Federal Trade Commission, is teetering dangerously on the brink due to Civil Rights violations against me and my clients) cannot silence and bully a woman to protect ostensibly Anti-Semitic $350M AUM 70-year-old Senior Citizen Advisors.

LPL Financial
and CFP Board - It is APPALLING that you colluded to REMOVE YEARS WORTH OF MY GLOBAL M&A and PE #Journalism....

I would hope the CFP Board would seriously weigh my Compliance and Regulatory issues / evidence / proof with two LPL Advisors' unethical activities most of last year (2022) and just a week ago, in getting Better Business Bureau to FALSIFY / REDACT / AND DRASTICALLY ALTER the scathing review written by the children and grandchildren of a Holocaust Survivor.

National Security Agency United States Department of Defense U.S. Department of the Treasury (#CFIUS) U.S. House of Representatives United States Senate FINRA U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Michelle Oroschakoff Dan Arnold

I am going to take a break from my hobby and passion for Journalism...

***I AM SEEKING EMPLOYMENT, AND HAVE PUT THIS UP TEMPORARILY WHILE I WORK WITH LinkedIn TO RE-INSTATE MY YEARS OF FAIR USE CRITICAL NEWS ANALYSIS AND JOURNALISM, WHICH WAS WRONGLY TAKEN DOWN. This is business and reputation damage, when I have made more than clear I would like to settle issues privately.

It would be the right thing to do do SETTLE THIS WITH ME...

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Thank you for your unwavering support, Global Friends ❤️💜 I will let you know when I am back :-) Again. my years of Global Journalism are for equality, diversity, equity and inclusion in Global Business / Finance / PE / M&A.

May 13, 2023 - It is important that the world see that I, Lisa Ditkowsky, CFP®, was promoting Global messages of peace, love and unity, when my broker dealer of 16+ years colluded with the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Board  to remove my messages of #Spirituality #Judaism #Israel #Peace #Love and extending an #OliveBranch so that we could all move on in peace and harmony from a horrific situation of a clients' death being withheld from me and LPL Financial, while other LPL Advisors were transacting in the deceased clients' accounts and estate. 

I posted a 40-minute video re: my amicable separation from LPL Financial on May 1, 2023, and how what I went through since March of 2022 at LPL Financial has helped strengthen the publicly traded Broker Dealer, lead to an all new Rep Agreements, new version of the Advisor Compliance Manual, an all new Regional and Home Office Supervisory Structure and New Death Processes with the USA Social Security Administration Office.

In addition, I learned since October of 2022 that I have educated both LPL Financial and the CFP Board (Certified Financial Planning Board) about Special Needs Family Trust Planning. It was eye-opening to see that most Lawyers and most Financial Planners and Financial Advisors do NOT understand Financial Planning / Tax Planning / Estate Planning / Investment Planning / Insurance Planning and Government Benefits' Planning for the Disabled / Mentally Ill / Special Needs beneficiaries.  

To date, we have 62,593 CFP Board Professionals in the field, and I am proud to have been a leader in my 2007-2008 graduating class at Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies. In all honesty, it was in great part due to the 2007-2008 CFP Curriculum that I was able to develop deep relationships and in-depth knowledge in Special Needs Trust planning to work with families with Disabilities and Special Needs. It is tragic that my personal journalism to protect a Public Figure (under Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976) would be removed to protect Advisors and CFPs / brothers both using CFP Board trademarks and getting a Chicago BBB Complaint DRASTICALLY FALSIFIED in April, 2023. And, then the CFP Board emails me a completely false and defamatory document, even MAKING UP THAT I APPEARED BEFORE THE CFP Board without an attorney. I never appeared before or interacted with the CFP Board at all!

As my 40 minute articulate video states, I left LPL Financial on May 1, 2023 on amicable terms, having made the entire public traded firm and its systems and processes stronger and better. It is FACT that my deceased clients' FIVE accounts for 2 SPECIAL NEEDS BENEFICIARIES were left negligently and recklessly in my name and Rep ID at LPL Financial for almost 13 months after the client died, AND NO TRUSTEES EVER CLAIMED THE ASSETS IN MORE THAN A YEAR. This is unheard of.

It is FACT that as of October 20, 2022, almost 7 months had gone by, LPL Financial and I learned, since our client passed away, and ALL OF HER OTHER ASSET CUSTODIANS HAD NOT BEEN INFORMED OF HER PASSING EITHER. I CONTACTED everybody that we had worked with over 12 years, and the other asset custodians had not been informed in the almost 7 months either, so not only me and LPL Financial.

If anybody were caring for these two severely special needs beneficiaries of my client, why would they not have claimed the Special Needs Family Trust assets. I answer all of these questions for the Global Financial Planning and Broker Dealer communities and public, because if we as Financial Advisors and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ cannot advocate for the most vulnerable adults, no one will! 

CFP Board, I directed the sender of the defamtory document full of lies and false information to a proper email, and to please send me hard copies with wet signature of who is standing behind the lies. I have also repeatedly emailed back from my proper email, copying LPL Financial, that my separation agreement with LPL Financial legally prohibits me from answering the extensive list of LPL Financial inside information that you are demanding of me. I have multiple contractual obligations to LPL Financial and them to be that must be upheld. The CFP Board says it is usually okay if I break contractual CONFIDENTIALITY obligations with LPL Financial. This is NOT true, as LPL added even more copious CONFIDENTIALITY obligations for ALL REGISTERED REPS before I left. LPL General Counsel has hundreds of pages of my proprietary, password protected intelligence reports and dozens of hours of recorded phonecalls with the TRUTH. 

We must all look at the Realities of the Systems and Processes that failed us and our valued clients and fellow advisors and all collectively move on and do better.



Lisa Ditkowsky, CFP®

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