South American Assassinations Financially Connected to The Leadership Institute / Turning Point USA

South American Assassinations Financially Connected to The Leadership Institute / Turning Point USA

| August 15, 2023

OPEN-SOURCE INTELLIGENCE - What Lake County Illinois, Richard Porter, Keith Brin, Collin Corbett, Larry Smith, Don Tracy and Mike Zolnierowicz do not want the United States Department of Defense and NSA to know is that the BIGGEST ELECTION MEDDLERS and COMMUNIST TRAINING GROUND in the USA, The Leadership Institute, give the bulk of their annual giving to Dario Paya (Dario Guillermo Paya Mira), co-founder of Chile's UDI and Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA (per public tax returns)

Dario Guillermo Paya Mira was awarded a United States State Department American Field Service Scholarship to go to high school in Baltimore USA. While studying at Catholic University, the Chilean political operative, Dario Paya, met Jaime Jorge Guzman Errazuriz, who he co-founded The Independent Democratic Union (UDI) with, a Chilean center right political party.

Jorge Guzman, the Leadership Institute Director's political partner was assassinated in 1991 by communist guerrillas. Somehow, the barbaric assassination of Dario Paya's political mentor and political party cofounder has been conveniently left out of The Leadership Institute and Turning Point USA's histories for 33 years! However 2021 The Leadership Institute public tax returns show that Moron Blackwell, President of the USA branch of the Chilean-USA The Leadership Partnership, paid Dario Paya $192,000.00 for training political operatives (Presumably in South America),110:P110_USECNTRY:N

In a quick search, I am not finding a FARA filing for the foreign agent registration of The Leadership Institute's State Department and foreign countries'-trained Dario Paya.

 **IT IS HIGHLY RELEVANT THAT 83-YEAR-OLD MORTON BLACKWELL'S COMMUNIST AND DANGEROUS TRAINING GROUNDS FOR YOUNG USA AND INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (more than a quarter million students trained worldwide) is having Collin Corbett and Keith Brin dangerously meddle in Lake County, IL and Illinois statewide elections.

It is bad enough that The Leadership Institute risked the Security of The United States of America in 2021-2022 by allowing an completely laughable, dirty operative, Joe DeBose to be the sabotaging Media Director of Darren Bailey's otherwise stellar Gubernatorial run/ All media sabotage and interference was enacted by Joe DeBose and Dario Paya and Morton Blackwell's The Leadership Institute. I sourced it all last year.

All Leadership Institute Candidate Training (i.e - Election Interference and Election Sabotage) must be IMMEDIATELY CANCELLED and all dirty operatives held accountable for their traitorous actions to The United States of America -

A 4-hour plane ride from Chile is Ecuador, where Presidential candidate Fernando Alcibiades Villavicencio Valencia was ASSASSINATED on August 9, 2023.

Between Villacvicencio's untimely death and The Leadership Institute having founded UDI in Chile, and its co-founder having been ASSASSINATED (but they still pay Dario Paya BIG MONEY and reward him with Director and President Chile, year after year). There is no space for such a volatile and dangerous organization in the USA. The Leadership Institute and Turning Point USA are dangerous to our students on high school and college campuses throughout the USA.

Why would www.AFSUSA.ORG award United States State Department Scholarships to countries where their training in getting leaders assassinated.

P.S. - I believe that Thee Leadership Institute and the country of Chile and The Leadership institute in South America, conveniently try to hide their SORDID BANANA REPUBLIC dangerous political history by cutting out half of the South American leaders' names. Most South Americans have FOUR NAMES, but The Leadership Institute shortened and abbreviated the names. It appears that The Leadership Institute and American Field Service division of The State Department somehow get out of registering foreign agents under the FARA Act.

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