Is Q-Wallet the USA Safe Haven For An International Crypto / Bitcoin Blowup

Is Q-Wallet the USA Safe Haven For An International Crypto / Bitcoin Blowup

| May 22, 2023

May 21, 2023 / May 22, 2023 #BreakingNews - Global Friends, as a top worldwide CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ of 15 years and sought after Securities Industry professional with more than 18 years hands on experience in Wealth Management and Business Growth Consulting, I feel a moral responsibility to alert worldwide investors that last year's $8.9 Trillion correction in the Global Cryptocurrency markets may be bottoming soon, and as early as later TODAY. Veritable sources allow that all cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are facing imminent #Bankruptcy. 

I am the CFP® and journalist who SPOT-ON called the almost $9T Correction in Crypto last year with:


| June 06, 2022


The trajectory of events in Global cryptocurrencies last year feel sharply in line with the business and financial intelligence in my 102 sources last June.

I worked with many loyal, long-term Financial Planning clients over my 16 years and 3 months as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with LPL Financial Broker Dealer and RIA. Our publicly traded broker dealer: Nasdaq: LPLA never dealt in Cryptocurrencies, and I always advised my clients against taking these sorts of gambles with their funds. 

If the worldwide, misunderstood and fantastical crypto markets do declare bankruptcy today, May 22, 2023 or soon, here are the reasons to believe that Q-Wallet would be the logical repository to keep one's cryptocurrencies:

1) Q-Wallet ( is a secure website owned by USA California company Square, Inc. (now Block, Inc.), NYSE: SQ. 

2) Q-Wallet is compatible with Apple and Android.

3) Q-Wallet is a USA company, and the USA has the most stable currency markets in the world for modern history.

If an $8.9T correction in the Crypto markets last year was not enough to make people wake up to the fact that fantasy coins are likely as temporal as a Red Light District peep show, then today might be the ultimate buzzkill. 

While I do not necessarily believe that salvation from one's own stupidity should be a first-world luxury, I do respect that foghorn warning bells leading wayward gamblers to a New York Stock Exchange (i.e. USA)
company to redeem them from themselves.

First let us read from: "

Policy Statement on Section 9(13) of the Federal Reserve Act" 02/02/2023

"In January 2023, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and the Board issued a statement highlighting significant risks associated with crypto-assets and the crypto-asset sector that banking organizations should be aware of, including significant volatility in crypto-asset markets, risks of fraud among crypto-asset sector participants, legal uncertainties, and heightened risks associated with open, public, and/or decentralized networks.[3] As part of its careful review of proposals from banking organizations to engage in activities involving crypto-assets, and in light of these risks, the Board is clarifying its interpretation of section 9(13) of the Federal Reserve Act (Act) and setting out a rebuttable presumption for how it will exercise its authority under that statutory provision...

Holding Crypto-Assets as Principal. The Board has not identified any authority permitting national banks to hold most crypto-assets, including bitcoin and ether, as principal in any amount,[17] and there is no federal statute or rule expressly permitting state banks to hold crypto-assets as principal. Therefore, the Board would presumptively prohibit state member banks from engaging in such activity under section 9(13) of the Act.[18]...

The Board believes this presumption is bolstered by safety and soundness concerns.[19] The Financial Stability Oversight Council has observed that, in the absence of a fundamental economic use case, the value of most crypto-assets is driven largely by sentiment and future expectations, and not by cash flows from providing goods or services outside the crypto-asset ecosystem.[20] This prevents firms that hold crypto-assets from engaging in prudent risk management based on the underlying value of most crypto-assets, their anticipated discounted cash flows, or the historic behavior of the relevant markets. Moreover, the crypto-asset sector—which is globally dispersed—is largely unregulated or noncompliant with regulation from a market-conduct perspective, and issuers are often not subject to or not compliant with disclosure and accounting requirements. This opacity may make it difficult or impossible to assess market and counterparty exposure risks. Further, engagement in crypto-asset transactions can present significant illicit finance risks, in part due to the pseudonymity of transactors and validators. Finally, crypto-assets that are issued or transacted on open, public, and/or decentralized ledgers may involve significant cybersecurity risks—especially in comparison to traditional asset classes...
The Board generally believes that issuing tokens on open, public, and/or decentralized networks, or similar systems is highly likely to be inconsistent with safe and sound banking practices.[22] The Board believes such tokens raise concerns related to operational, cybersecurity, and run risks, and may also present significant illicit finance risks, because—depending on their design—such tokens could circulate continuously, quickly, pseudonymously, and indefinitely among parties unknown to the issuing bank. Importantly, the Board believes such risks are pronounced where the issuing bank does not have the capability to obtain and verify the identity of all transacting parties, including for those using unhosted wallets.[23]"

A lot more confusion came forth on 05/05/2012 on what constitutes a Crypto Exchange and the legitimacy going forward of any such dealings in cryptocurrencies -

"Comment is extended until 06/13/2023."

Just one week ago, foreign Swiss and Gibralter Crypto Exchange Traded Funds were filing to go public on the CBOE in Chicago, Illinois and ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF. 21 Shares US LLC is the sponsor of the ETF / Trust, however its United States Securities and Exchange Registration was terminated on 03/31/2022. The Swiss / Gibralter company, connected to Jura Pentium AG, Obelisk Holdings Limited and Ophelia Synder is stating its purpose, yet again, to trade on USA exchanges, but it has no Securities and Exchange standing.

It should speak volumes that Ophelia Snyder's company is a Gibaltrar and Swiss company (with a Cayman Islands majority owner) that lost its USA SEC registration 14 months ago. How many times in IT, Tech, Healthcare, IVF and Life Sciences companies have we seen these "Queen Esther" business stories. 

Global readers, I refer to @CBKNews121as a starting point for news, and then I attempt to triple source the news. The Q-Wallet #BreakingNews checks out across sources. However, what I do not know is the exact timetable for Cryptocurrency exchanges going bankrupt. It already started to happen last year, and may or may not all come down on or soon after May 22, 2023. Regardless, look for Wallets that are Apple and Android compatible and that are large market cap stable USA companies on USA stock exchanges. Talk to your tax advisors and financial advisors and do not invest in anything in which you to not understand and accept the risks.

Thank you. Global Friends, as always fo reading me, and together we will rise!


"Crypto Sees A Fifth Consecutive Week Of Outflows, With Negative Sentiment Focused On Bitcoin"

"Sen. Warren's Bill Signals Crypto Is Headed For A Clash With National Security Interests"

The Coindesk article is especially interesting because the journalist, Chris Grieco, seems to not know that Crypto has been clashing with National Security Interests and the USA Department of Defense's NSA for years already. For example -

"The Bazillion dollar answer is: Because last September 2021, The NSA (National Security Agency, Intelligence arm of the United States Department of Defense) awarded CyrusOne's top-dog partner, HPE-GreenLake, a $2B Artificial Intelligence Contract, renewable for 10 years.  HPE-GreenLake (Hewlett Packard Enterprises) is reported to be CyrusOne's exclusive Hybrid and Colocation business partner.

Within months (March 2022) of CyrusOne's HPE allies capturing President Biden's new Department of Defense contract, KKR and Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) took CyrusOne private. KKR has offices throughout Communist China and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) are prominent World Economic Forum members, also in China and the Middle East, with Energy, Pipelines, Wind Farms, and Renewables all over the world...

On March 29, 2022, CyrusOne announced that KKR and Global Infrastructure Partners had taken CyrusOne private in a $15B deal. So now global PE firms KKR and GIP, are aligned with the USA Department of Defense NSA Contract, with a "Smart City" home "military base" seemingly in Aurora, Illinois...


Griffin's Citadel took in Chinese PE firms, and CyrusOne was taken private by Globalist PE firms just 2-6 months after CyrusOne's exclusive Hybrid and Colocation partner, HPE-Greenlake, scored the USA Department of Defense / NSA 10-year contract. Yet, neither Citadel nor CyrusOne mentioned the lucrative and National Security sensitive deal. This would seem incredibly relevant to all business partners and investors since President Joe Biden has kept 59 Chinese companies on the USA banned list as of last summer, not to mention the geopolitical risks of Ukraine being at War. 

To see just how rich these global wireless networking deals are, we need look no further than a recent update on the CyrusOne website (published after Citadel and CyrusOne's own deals closed) --"

Again, fully sourced with 102 Sources here -

Offshoring a World Financial System reset powered by Crypto / Bitcoin has been a National Security problem since the inception of Bitcoin. The cross border money laundering and race to offshore both IVF / Life Sciences / Anonymous Eggs / Anonymous Sperm / Anonymous DNA and Anonymous Donor Gametes, paired with the race to offshore Personal Financial Planning, the rebuilding of American cities, and the very structure and foundation of our ability to transact in a World Financial System, is putting the world on the brink of collapse.
And finally, this interesting opinion piece dropped today: "OPINION: Regulators Are making A Big Mistake With Bitcoin And Other Crypto"

Maxim Galash operates a crypto company, so of course he is going to publish an opinion piece saying that Singapore and UAE (two great countries!) are lightyears ahead of USA and leading the way in crypto. But Galash misses the point and needs to spend some time reading The Federal Register, the United States Government publication. 

Galash - "The SEC’s choice to avoid crypto-specific regulations will also have a devastating impact on decentralized finance, or DeFi. Similar to cryptocurrency, DeFi is a tool that can be expressed in various forms. Without clear regulation, there’s a risk of all DeFi activity being treated as the same, which will stifle U.S. innovation in the space...

The European Union, U.K. and United Arab Emirates all recently laid out regulatory frameworks for crypto trading. The SEC should start thinking about crypto on an international scale and do the same.

Failure to do so could mean serious consequences for America...If regulators don’t want the U.S. to lag the rest of the world, it’s time to step up and design regulations that make crypto a safe and dynamic place for all."

* Galash is given a platform by MarketWatch (owned by the Australia and UK Murdoch family of course) to push One World Government. The USA is not declining to regulate crypto; the USA is saying that NOW is NOT the TIME to regulate crypto. The world is at war, and the countries hurting most are the ones who are going to be left out completely if we, as Global citizens start implementing and regulating before we have peace, unity and a safe world in which to offer equality. 

News Corp and the Murdoch family 1) Need smarter editors and 2) Need to READ the Federal Register. The USA is saying that at current it cannot allow USA banks and financial institutions to operate crypto exchanges and crypto wallets, and this defaults to USA Federal control, not State control. Numerous Federal Register recent documents tell the world to look to USA Federal Government for guidance in regulating ALT currencies or wannabe currencies. Just because there are deliberations being made, does not mean news will not be forthcoming this year from the USA Federal Government. Of course those trying to make a quick buck and hurry up and offshore USA companies may be stymied by Department of the Treasury's CFIUS, the SEC and FinCen, to name a few government regulatory bodies.

I have the articles down right now, but this year, I have written all about how ATRIA Wealth's six broker dealers and USA Federal credit unions offshored in late February, 2023. I have written all about how Brean Capital and Brean Asset Management disappeared $700M on March 31, 2023 with the SEC, days after I reported my Supervisor's strange coincidences and falsified FINRA BrokerCheck reports in common with the two Co-Financial institution heads of Brean Capital in Chicago. This was already a Supervisor I had Whistleblower Complaints and Code of Conduct Complaints against for being part of illegal activities in my deceased clients' accounts. It is the whole reason I left LPL Financial after 16 years and 3 months, as my client, a public figure in Chicago, had her legacy publicly and politically hijacked for partisan fundraising purposes all last year. All the while, no one told me, her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ of 12 years; and the trustees and Advisors who moved in at /after her death did NOT tell LPL Financial or the deceased clients' other financial custodians of her death either. Even after LPL Financial and I received a death certificate almost 7 months later, I tried for SIX MONTHS to get the trustees to claim the estate for the two Special Needs / Mentally Ill / Disabled Special Needs Family Trust beneficiaries, and the trustees would NOT claim the accounts. For more than a year, these accounts were left in my name, despite my reaching out professionally throughout last year and this year. 

So, it does not surprise me in the least that within hours after I break the news of impending bankrupcy of the crypto exchanges, and why Sqaure, Inc. / Block, Inc. (NYSE: SQ) Q Wallet is a sound repository for crypto during this current and indisputable turmoil in the crypto markets, we see a slew of Global journalism about NSA and political problems with crypto. 

HELLO! CRYPTO IS ALL POLITICAL, AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN A NATIONAL SECURITY CONCERN. This is NOT breaking news. What is breaking news is that Americans refuse to wake up and take action, and a lot of them are going to lose money that they think they have if they don't stop blindly believing the hype.

UPDATE 5PM CST - Not only was NYSE: SQ (owner of Q Wallet) up almost 3.5 percent today, but the international Crypto chatroom and media machine has launched into propaganda overdrive. Crypto is widely sourced to be on the brink of losing its pantalones, but the digital choir is chanting, "Bottom, Bottom, Bottom, Buy, Buy, Buy." This is dangerous and dire. They want to take investors' money and KEEP IT once the bankruptcies occur. Playing with bitcoin / crypto is right now can only end badly.

Other crypto headlines from the past few hours are that Deutsche Digital launched the first physically backed ETP / ETF on the German Exchange. PHYSICALLY BACKED WITH WHAT? One of the articles says it will be backed by another structured exchange product, not anything physical. Where do the "journalists" get their conclusions?

Hours after the USA breaks news of impending bankruptcy of the world crypto exchanges, Germany's Deutsche Digital Assets brags that it is rolling out securitized representations of all the crypto companies and crypto exchanges EXPECTED TO GO BANKRUPT. This makes no sense that a German financial company would be soliciting American and International mom and pop investors into that which is expected to lose all of its value. Watch Deutsche Digital Assets carefully over the next few weeks to see if this product actually launches, what the underlying crypto exchanges are, and what disclaimers are given to investors.

I added a few more pictures from the 21Shares US LLC crypto company / ETF that is trying AGAIN this year to go public through Chicago Board Options Exchange. This is the third time the Cayman Islands, Swiss and Gibraltar company fronted by "Ophelia Snyder" is coming back from rejection by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Last year Illinois was hard at work transferring CyrusOne and Defense / NSA contracts to China, and this year Ophelia Synder's handlers at the CBOE think they've got "her back" with the SEC. However, Ms. Snyder is fronting for numerous offshore holding companies in Switzerland, Gibralter and the Cayman Islands. Who is really being Amun Holdings LTD, Obelisk, Jura Pentium AG, etc.?

We will soon find out in the USA if we have any traitors at the SEC who were bought off to make third time a charm.

It would be smart for USA citizens and USA government employees to brush up on terms like 1) Sedition 2) Traitor 3) Treason 

Also, crypto powers that be around the world (if there is power in selling the invisible to the ignorant) would do well to read Executive Order 13849 | Issued September 20, 2018, in the United States of America. How quickly people forget.

In conclusion, 2 hours ago, a fascinating article was released on the G7 countries' recent International crypto meeting -

It is nice to see that after all of the countries, except for Germany, boycotted, the World Economic Forum, this year in Davos, Switzerland, the G7 countries at least agree on an International plan for tracking and tracing crypto transactions and tying transactions to the actual people behind them. This is a great start on an International Regulatory initiative. Stay tuned, and I do support Q Wallet for the following reasons -

1) Q-Wallet ( is a secure website owned by USA California company Square, Inc. (now Block, Inc.), NYSE: SQ. 

2) Q-Wallet is compatible with Apple and Android.

3) Q-Wallet is a USA company, and the USA has the most stable currency markets in the world for modern history.

Though, as always, I must disclaim that I do NOT recommend or have any stake in crypto, and investors should always check with their own accounting and financial professionals when making financial decisions. Furthermore, I do not own NYSE: SQ, though I am watching it, and may or may not own it in the future. Just because a company is a good company does not mean it is a good stock, and I always recommend people work with a financial professional when making investment decisions. 

ADDENDUM: Regarding the announcement 4 weeks ago that Cathie Wood would file with 21Shares US, LLC to launch its CBOE crypto ETF and that Cathie Wood of ARK Invest believes that their persistence with the SEC (three times) will pay off, I have to ask what is wrong with Cathie Wood.

I think that Cathie Wood is an investment angel fallen (and fallen hard) and highly compromised by deals she has made in the past. Cathie Wood poured a ton of money into Sema4 for some unknown reason, to lure scores of investors into the SPAC-turned-public-Sema4 with Eli Casdin and Keith Meister, and all of the retail investors were lied to and lost just about all of their money. Sema4 completely exited its main business of Genetic testing for IVF and Life Sciences, Egg Donors, IVF Patients, etc. right before the stock was taken all the way down. I do not trust Cathie Wood. She had to be completely compromised to seemingly completely ignore The Federal Register in the United States of America and keep throwing herself back at CBOE in Chicago, with her opaque foreign posse, like  jilted lovers. Maybe Cathie Wood knows our secret in Chicago - We have the worst politics in the USA and the best men in the USA. (We know the owners / founders are USA owners). Evidence backs up that they are secure and reliable for cryptocurrencies for custodying during potential imminent mass crypto bankruptcy contagion. This should not be so difficult to believe given what is happening in the real, tangible commercial real estate markets and banking sector (both private credit panic mode, which I predicted accurately on my LinkedIn, and across the regional banking sector in the USA). Why would people be more likely to think something imaginary is stable, when real things that you can touch are falling apart.