Politically Weaponized Washington DC CFP Board At It Again

Politically Weaponized Washington DC CFP Board At It Again

| September 16, 2023


Below, please find the 4th Professional Archival Business Video of mine that YouTube has removed in just weeks. I have every legal right to keep up my properly trademarked and copyrighted professional works done during the 15 years I was working as a CFP® professional and fulfilling all of the requirements to use the trademark.

Nowhere are the four videos that were ILLEGALLY REMOVED represented as current. The copyright date are on the actual videos. YouTube has now greyed out and blocked me from my own intellectual property on their sight, not even allowing me to get my work back. 

I have been asking for weeks for a phone number and to please speak with someone, as there are no violations. Again, these videos were professionally done and went through all approvals and edits, and legal checks YEARS AGO.

I just wrote the YouTube Legal Operations / Customer Support team this -

"I would really appreciate it if I could speak to your legal support team. I am a Globally known Journalist in IVF & Life Sciences and have wrote many Medical Abstracts and PE and M&A Papers. 

I am being legally harassed and defamed by a Corrupt Washington DC Not-For-Profit whose CFP® practitioners stole my deceased clients' money and transacted in her estate without permission. I agreed a few months ago to leave their organization and not use the CFP®.

My legal agreement was to remove the ® from anywhere I could remove it. 

Obviously my body of work (Journalism and Videos) over 15 years is already published and edited and cannot be removed from old videos. This was NOT the agreement to take down my professional business work of videos from 2106 and 2021 that I spent lots of time, energy and money to do for my professional work.

The agreement was not to use the CFF® going forward.

They have absolutely no legal right to tell YouTube to remove my work. I need my work reinstated immediately. 


Thank you!

Lisa Ditkowsky"

It is beyond disconcerting that 1) YouTube has not given me anyone to talk to and ignores my requests and keeps removing my work and locking me out of my own videos and functionality on my own videos with no explanation. 2) I have been super responsive to CFP Board Trademark, writing them back instantly and assuring them that I would remove the CFP® from any website sections of editable content that I could. Clearly archival works professional shot and edited many years ago cannot be changed and accurately represent that I was RIGHTFULLY USING THE CFP® TRADEMARK AT THE TIME THOSE WORKS WERE PRODUCED AND PROPERLY MARKED (COPYRIGHTED).

I am calling for NSA, Department of Defense and the United States Military to immediately freeze the accounts of CFP Board in Washington DC and remove the political lobbyists Not-For-Profit states immediately. 

CFP Board is a dangerous accomplice to foreign and domestic financial crimes, and I turned in thousands of pages of proof and evidence. CFP Board is intricately involved with Illinois politics, protecting the 71-year-old twin advisors who illegally transacted in my deceased clients Special Needs Heirs' Estate, condoning and concealing my deceased client being used by Pritzker's IL Legislature reps and CTU / CPS / RTAC for GoFundMe accounts and PACs, and many other crimes.

CFP Board is intricately involved in the politically weaponized Home Office Supervisory structure of my former firm that existed from March 2021 - May 2023, at least.

CFP Board is deeply linked to protecting the CFP® characters and their accomplices who were offshoring BREAN ASSET MANAGEMENT, BREAN CAPITAL, Morgan Stanley (CFP Board head of Defamation against me, Joel Leslie Konigsberg, Constellation Group, Morgan Stanley, New York, Illegal Political Operative), ATRIA WEALTH and probably ultimately LPL Financial.

*This represents TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in offshoring of countless big broker dealers and Federal Credit Unions, Investment Banks and Fixed Income Municipal and Governmental asset managers in the United States. 

If CFP® partitioners at LPL Financial had not been illegally transacting in my deceased clients' estate and allowing JB Pritzker to use my deceased client and abuse her special needs beneficiaries for MIDTERM POLITICAL FUNDRAISING, I never would have known that Washington DC politically weaponized dirty CFP Board is an illegal disciplinary and surveillance agency for OFFSHORING GLOBALISTS. 

Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski and all of your lapdogs paid to turn Financial Planners against each other, you will both get what you deserve, as G-d is not going to allow you $1M a year Joe Biden beta servants to tarnish the wished of my Women's Rights Advocate friend and close client of 12 years. Nope, not going to happen Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski. You are very evil Marxists turning approx. 90K CFP® practitioners against each other for offshoring and illegal political maneuvering. 

Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski, whether Kennedy or Trump is elected ( as everybody knows the Biden Administration is gaudy theatre), CFP Board will be a gone Not-For-Profit just like The Leadership Institute (Campus Reform, Turning Point USA) and American Enterprise Institute and NCQA running Northern Illinois corruption. 

I can honestly say that in 15 years, the CFP Board did absolutely NOTHING for me. I helped the CFP Board by Volunteering many times and for whole days over the years. But never once did a single person call me up or email me and say that they found me on your sh-t website with misogynist, offensive, stupid advertising that our dues paid $10M a year for. 

By retaliating against me, CFP Board for my May 1, 2023 Whistleblower Complaint (May 1, 2023 was my last day at my Broker Dealer of more than 16 years), and by authoring and mass distributing a TOTALLY FALSE AND DEFAMATORY PRESS RELEASE, you have put politically weaponized, corrupt CFP Board under the Department of the Treasury (CFIUS), FTC, IRS, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, NSA and Department of Defense spotlight.

Nothing in the Press Release it true. The truth shines the light on the corrupt IL GOP and The Irvin Slate corruption last year. 

Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski, you each make more than $1M a year to act as an illegal disciplinary agency and political weaponized surveillance agency of big firm's financial advisors and their clients. 

I went to my friend and clients' conference in early May 2023, and there were TWO FOREIGN AGENTS THERE (LITERALLY) who strongarmed my client, and were part of a "Surround-your-enemy" pop-up conference down the street from my valued client and friend, the morning after I left. This was all within days of my May 1, 2023 whistleblower complaint to CFP Board.


CEASE AND DESIST, CFP BOARD. Congratulations, I am Globally known for many years, therefore, you stupidly incriminated yourselves by putting this international offshoring of America scam you facilitate for Joe Biden under the world microscope. 

Bad, bad actors. You sorely miscalculated by retaliating and saying I could not be a member of your ad hoc politically weaponized self-regulatory moral (immoral) and disciplinary authority. I do not bow down to manless jellyfish, which is what all of you are.

I know elementary school boys with more masculinity in their pinkies than Diaper Joe's beta servants at politically weaponized Washington DC CFP Board.

We are ridding America of corruption, and that means you and your joke of a not--for-profit, Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski. CFP Board is like Morgan Stanley and LPL Financial's illegal CIA and FBI. 

Wall Street Journal has outed this, Barron's has exposed this, FORBES has completely covered the political weaponization and illegality and now I 100 percent confirm it with bombshell evidence of the extent that Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski (should be disbarred) go to DEFAME and SILENCE (really, Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski, removing FOUR of my totally proper, archival, professional YouTube videos? jellyfish without any man parts, both of you. Disgusting). Also, Kevin and Leo, I complied with EVERYTHING CFP Board asked and have absolute proof. For you both to still be causing me massive Business Interference and harassing me (I even have proof you are interfering with my service providers, and I will sue you and file complaints in every relevant jurisdiction if you do not put my four professional works back) shows that CFP Board has no self-control or emotional restraint.

Since I am a REAL REPUBLICAN and a REAL DEMOCRAT and am fully supportive of both KENNEDY and TRUMP, I will make 100 percent sure that removal of my videos, because I am a known President Donald J. Trump Supporter, Kennedy Family Supporter, Darren Bailey (IL - R, 12th) and Joseph Severino (IL - D-10th) supporter, is prospected to the fullest extent of the law under EO 13848, and I have documented this with my lawyers. Removing any of my professional works when I am a known America-First supporter for our President and political candidates will be protected as EO 13848 Violations, as my Voice should to in any way be silenced, as I represent The United States of America and our Global Friends and allies, unlike CFP Board, which gouges people for approx. $500 a year, netting CFP Board $45M a year. 

All approx. 90K CFPs should immediately STOP paying this WORTHLESS and DANGEROUS organization. Think about it....90K sheep paying $45M to dangerous political lobbyists / operatives to use an R in a circle. Seriously?

CFP Board - S-T-O-P! Every time you take illegal, retaliatory action against me, it ensured that people like Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski are going to go to prison for a very long time. Your pretend, make-believe government that is allowing you to get away with this weaponized political assassination and lobbying is not long for this world. GIVE IT UP, JELLYFISH.

Kevin Keller, I called you out a decade ago on the McDonald's campus in Oakbrook, Illinois and asked you in front of a room full of mostly male "CFP®s" how you justified making almost $1M a year." You asked how I knew that, and I told you I was reading your 990 on my phone, and you looked like you were trying to swallow a hamster.

Well, a decade later, and now you clear about $1.2 or $2.3M a year, I really have to believe that you are some chipped bot that is just programmed for pure evil, because your organization has gone so far astray of America and protecting investors that you are irredeemably corrupted and compromised beyond repair.


Lisa Ditkowsky, Unity Party, Illinois