Nikki Fried aka "AOC 2" /  Florida State Biden Puppet Illegally Removes Lisa Ditkowsky Pro-TRUMP Vid

Nikki Fried aka "AOC 2" / Florida State Biden Puppet Illegally Removes Lisa Ditkowsky Pro-TRUMP Vid

| August 27, 2023

AUGUST 26, 2023 -


The FJB Administration's politically weaponized Washington DC CFP Board that is protecting the criminal Advisors who committed illegal activity in my deceased clients' accounts and estate last year and this year, is removing my content from SEVEN YEARS AGO that was the BANNER VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL PAGE WITH JIM FRIED (relative of failed political candidate, Nikki Fried, Democrat, Florida).

Lisa Ditkowsky, President of Pllush Capital Management, Global Fertility Business Intelligence™ and Global Political Business Intelligence™ is a worldwide expert in Business, Finance, PE and M&A and extensively published on areas effecting governments, industries, sectors, family offices and economies around the world.
This one-minute, YouTube channel-leading video that YouTube improperly removed, had multiple screens of DISCLOSURES stating all affiliations, credentials and the COPYRIGHT DATE of 2016. There was no copyright or trademark issue, as the video was made in 2016 and clearly labelled as such.

Lisa Ditkowsky, Certified Financial Planner was indeed PROPERLY using the CFP® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ "Trademarks" or claimed "Trademarks" from 2008 until recently in 2023.
Lisa Ditkowsky, Certified Financial Planner, has an impeccable and esteemed 18 year and 3 month Securities industry record, and 15 years as a leader for the Certified Financial Planning community nationwide.
I have extensively written the politically weaponized Washington DC CFP Board and let them know that 1) There is no possible way to remove the ® or the ™ from use of CFP Board "TRADEMARK" content that was done in the past 15 years and is unchangeable. Therefore, all disclaimers in the video you removed clearly say the COPYRIGHT DATE and the DATE PUBLISHED. 2) Of course people have no control over AI pulling old LinkedIn resumes (CFP Board illegally removed my LinkedIn, even though it was my JOURNALISM ONLY platform since 2021, that did NOT use the registered trademark! They lied in writing, and I have completely disavowed the politically weaponized PSEUDO enforcement arm of Financial Planning. They are a joke CFP Board is in cahoots with the biggest Globalist Broker Dealers and wannabe Globalist Broker Dealers to illegally weaponize home office supervisory structures and to illegally surveil families and businesses in the United States of America, and abroad. Washington DC CFP Board is an illegal intelligence-acting arm of the Corrupt Democratic regime going back decades. 
This is really important that the United States Department of Defense, Military and NSA know this, because useless CFP Board (Kevin Keller, Leo Rydzewski, et al) facilitate Civil Rights and Human Rights persecution on lauded, successful Wealth Management and Financial Planning professionals, such as myself, if our Financial Planning niche or approved Outside Business Activities (Journalism since 2011 for me) impinge on CFP Board's ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT SOCIALIST SHEEP MANDATE.
The Department of Defense, NSA and Military is likely already on the massive corruption that lead to CFP Board and the Chicago-area Blyth Brothers (Blyth & Associates) illegally targeting me and my deceased client (CPS Nurse for 40 years) and her disabled, mentally ill, special needs beneficiaries. What the Deep State infiltrators in the LPL Financial Home Office Supervisory structure (in cahoots with Washington DC CFP Board) illegally did to me and my deceased Financial Planning client, in the month before she died to current, is fraud, and I have given hundreds and hundreds of pages of evidence to all necessary parties.
It is surely not a mistake that Joel Leslie Konigsberg, of Morgan Stanley New York "Constellation Group" was head of the CFP Board weaponized "Disciplinary and Ethics Commission or DEC) and the one who allowed two-bit corrupt employees of CFP Board to defame and harass my PERFECT 15-year REPUTATION WITH CFP Board.
Two days after I sent James P. Gorman extensive proof of the fraud and criminal acts against me and my clients, James P. Gorman ANNOUNCED HIS IMPENDING 2023 RESIGNATION FROM Morgan Stanley.

The relative of Real Estate aficionado Jim Fried, is failed Democratic Florida Gubernatorial candidate, Nikki Fried. Nikki Fried was appointed the Florida Agriculture Commissioner from 2019-2022. It seemed a Soros-esque appointment, and now, the consolation prize for losing the Democratic gubernatorial primary in August 2022, is that Democrats are funding Nikki Fried to be the new "AOC of Florida."

The corrupt Democrat-funded GenX-er is George Soros 2.0 with her Twitter banner shots of her resistance to police, vulgarity and pictures of her getting arrested. Nikki Fried = AOC = Globalist Puppet.
YouTube, I am greatly disappointed that you would remove a 7 year-old one-minute video with all proper disclosures all because you are beholden to the corrupt, politically weaponized Washington DC CFP Board.
The Deep State infiltration of the Home Office Supervisory structure at LPL Financial, in Cahoots with the Washington DC CFP Board, lead to BREAN CAPITAL AND BREAN ASSET MANAGEMENT ILLEGALLY OFFSHORING APPROX. $700M within days of my reporting the financial malfeasance involving my Home Office Supervisory structure to LPL General Counsel and Executives. I provided hundreds of pages of charts, graphs, documentation, password-protected reports.
But, the dirty LPL Home Office Supervisory structure did not stop there (in breaking the CONFIDENTIALITY of my SENSITIVE AND PROPRIETARY-SOURCED EVIDENCE), LPL Financial gave me JOHN SCARABINO, Illinois Manaufacturer's Association's Phillip McCall's (IMA CFO) literal Murietta, CA neighbor as my Supervisor for my last 30 days.
The dirty supervisory team inside of LPL Financial (ordained by the CEO, no doubt), put me with the IMA CFO's buddy, John Scarabino, as my neighbor as complete political thuggery and career weaponization against me because of my LANDMARK, GLOBALLY APPLAUDED 2022 JOURNALISM:
This article helped to lay bare the innards of the Illinois political corruption. What I did not include in the article was The IllINOIS MANUFACTURER'S ASSOCIATION platformed the Irvin Slate -
I was only forced to reveal this to defend my 18+ year perfect record in the Securities, Financial Planning and Wealth Management industries. Little did the corrupt employees at LPL Financial and CFP Board that I knew instantly that Denise Scarabino and John Scarabino, The IMA CFO's buddy and neighbor, were all in cahoots together for JB Pritzker's vast displays of Illinois corruption. So, it hardly surprised me when LPL Financial Murietta, CA Deep State Supervisor gave me FIVE FAKE, FRAUDULENT SIGNATURES to illegally move my deceased clients' ample assets. 
Just like Bill Morrissey went over to ATRIA Wealth from LPL Financial last November, John Scarabino's wife, Denise Scarabino, went over from LPL Financial to ATRIA Wealth's six Broker Dealers. It gets even more shocking than Pritzker's Chicago and Illinois mafia extending to Murietta, California. Lee Equity Partners bought ATRIA Wealth (started in 2017) and quickly scooped up SIX USA BROKER DEALERS and FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONS, INCLUDING IN FLORIDA.
It gets even more scandalous. The same month that ATIRA WEALTH offshored (see Companies House UK strange listed new ownership far offshore with unknown foreigners), BILLIONAIRE THOMAS H, LEE, FOUNDER OF LEE EQUITY PARTNERS MYSTERIOUSLY COMMITTED SUICIDE IN A NARRATIVE FULL OF CONTRADICTIONS AND ILLOGICAL "FACTS."
Deep Open Source Intelligence and common source knowledge reveals that foreigners to the USA were in the middle of trying to offshore the prominent holdings of Lee Equity Partners. Thomas H. Lee owned Prelude Fertility / MyEggBank (and hence was an owner in Inception Fertility / Aspire Fertility) and Thomas H. Lee had a history of litigation with the Canadian billionaires behind Power Corporation of Canada / Sagard Capital / IntregraMed America / IntegraMed Fertility. The Canadian Billionaires own Insurance and Financial companies and are in the Globalist One World Government Camp.
SEC Records reveal that foreigners were in the middle of doing hostile takeovers of Lee Equity Partners' assets and holdings when Thomas H. Lee allegedly committed suicide. Not the least of which was the Rambo-like rapid attempts to offshore its holding ATRIA WEALTH (Of course six USA Broker Dealers and Nikki Fried's Florida Federal Credit Unions, among other Federal Credit Unions).
How could Nikki Fried be a Commissioner for Consumer Services in the state of Florida and not have known that Lee Equity Partners and Atria Wealth were being illegally offshored. President Donald J. Trump's CFIUS division of the Department of the Treasury would have never let BREAN CAPITAL, BREAN ASSET MANAGEMENT AND ATRIA WEALTH (LPL Financial bedfellows, so likely involved and soon to follow) to be offshored!

Instead failed political candidate, Nikki Fried harbored the Globalists who were illegally offshoring financial institutions and USA Federal credit unions. Nikki Fried does not want to "Take Back Florida;" Nikki Fried wants to GIVE AWAY FLORIDA TO OUR ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.
My 2016 Video ""JIM FRIED ON RISING INTEREST RATES AND GLOBAL CENTRAL BANKING" was maliciously removed from YouTube because it featured Niki Fried's lovely and successful uncle, Jim Fried of Sandstone Realty Advisors talking about PRO-AMERICA and PRO-USA policies, and the damage that the Obama administration and Joe Biden Administration's endless quantitative easing and negative interest rates around the world were doing to harm mom and pop businesses.
Nikki Fried's uncle's brilliant one-minute interview supports PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP 2024, while the failed political candidate AOC imposter is running around Florida trying to make Joe Biden and Kamala Harris look lie a real government and like a legitimate administration.
Nikki Fried is head of the Democratic Party in Florida, and her Twitter account showcases the inflammatory, Communist agitation of the corrupt Democrats perfectly -
(This vulgar defund police, anti-law enforcement, anti-USA and anti-Military Twitter account is like this GenX woman did not get enough attention in the 90s and decided to be AOC for Halloween this year, but wants to wear the costume for the next 4 months. Uhhhh, OK Nikki.).
There is NO trademark issue with my one-minute video that was watched without issue since 2016.
However, now that I am GLOBALLY KNOWN FOR:
TRUE THIS: TRUMP 2024 - TEXT TRUMP TO 88022 TRUMP 2024 - TEXT TRUMP TO 88022 TRUMP 2024 - TEXT TRUMP TO 88022 TEXT BAILEY: 618-816-0829 to Opt In. TEXT BAILEY: 618-816-0829 to Opt In. TEXT BAILEY: 618-816-0829 to Opt In. G-d Bless America and We LOVE our Global Friends! Lisa Ditkowsky, Certified Financial Planner Global Fertility Business Intelligence™ Global Political Business Intelligence™
The evil Globalists and politically weaponized Washington DC CFP Board want to make extra, extra sure that no one traces my PRO-USA, PRO-AMERICAN FAMILIES, PRO-AMERICAN BUSINESS, PRO-DONALD J. TRUMP 2024 2016 Video to Nikki Fried's uncle.

Well, it is too late for that. President Trump, why was Nikki Fried a Consumer Services commissioner (and Agricultural Commissioner) for the past 4 years in Florida, but she was allowing ATRIA WEALTH and LPL Financial persons to illegally OFFSHORE USA, FLORIDA-BASED FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONS AND BROKER DEALERS?
We need answers, Nikki Fried, not vulgarities and pictures of you hugging pedophile Joe Biden (the faux "Joe Biden" actor in the "great silicone mask" and resisting law enforcement and hurling vulgarities at our Men and Women in Blue. Shame on you, Nikki Fried. Another amateur "media whore" - Be careful what you wish for, Nikki. You just outed yourself as an accomplice to the Financial system fraud going on with ATRIA Wealth, Brean Asset Management, Brean Capital, the corrupt LPL Financial Home Office Supervisory structure and the politically weaponized Washington DC CFP Board. Was it really worth it to remove a one-minute GLOBAL CENTRAL BANKING interview between me and your Uncle, Jim Fried? Nikki Fried, you are just drawing attention to the fact that your are paid to look good riding around in a bus and strong-arming Florida minorities to vote themselves into oblivion and death. You backed Joe Biden and his Globalists in 1) GLOBAL SHUTDOWN 2) SETTING OUR CHILDREN AND OUR GRANDCHILDREN FAR, FAR BEHIND 3) MEDICAL TYRANNY OF FORCED MASKING 4) MEDICAL TYRANNY OF FORCED EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS / VACCINATIONS 5) MEDICAL TYRANNY OF FORCED DNA COLLECTION FOR CHINA VIA BODILY SECRETION COLLECTIONS FOR JB PRTITZKER'S CLIA-APPROVED LABS THROUGHOUT THE United States (T3 SHIELD TESTING OUT OF UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS WITH CHINA). Isn't it interesting, Nikki Fried, that you are an #AGRICULTURE and #CONSUMERSERVICES Commissioner under Joe Biden? Did you know, Nikki Fried, that my state of #ILLINOIS is the Epicenter of a controlled takeover of the United States of America? 

Did you know, Nikki Fried, that we have a Nikki Budzinski here in Illinois who is a key Pritzker and Mark Denzler Democrat in Illinois' bizarrely gerrymandered Communist Corridor (Illinois' 13th Congressional very "Agricultural" and "Consumer Services-oriented" corridor? 

I invite Nikki Squared (Nikki Fried and Nikki Budzinski) to Join me in delivering Illinois and Florida into the PRO-USA and PRO-AMERICAN FAMILIES, PRO-MINORITIES, PRO-EQUALITY and PRO-AMERICAN AGENDAS THAT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP 2024 AND Darren Bailey (R, IL - 12th) are leading the world to -

TRUE THIS: TRUMP 2024 - TEXT TRUMP TO 88022 TRUMP 2024 - TEXT TRUMP TO 88022 TRUMP 2024 - TEXT TRUMP TO 88022 TEXT BAILEY: 618-816-0829 to Opt In. TEXT BAILEY: 618-816-0829 to Opt In. TEXT BAILEY: 618-816-0829 to Opt In. G-d Bless America and We LOVE our Global Friends! Lisa Ditkowsky, Certified Financial Planner Global Fertility Business Intelligence™ Global Political Business Intelligence™
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