Male Factor Infertility And The Food Supply / Stress / Denmark

| July 01, 2023

It is fitting that 129 countries gathered in Denmark, the sperm capital of the world, at the height of a global demographic problem. For too long, male factor infertility has been ignored as a critical half of the infertility equation.

Pllush Capital Management and GLOBAL FERTILITY BUSINESS INTELLIEGNCE™, Lisa Ditkowsky, CFP, had the chance to sit down with a Danish dad of a young son through IVF. Thomas wants the world to know that male factor infertility is a global healthcare problem that should not be ignored.

Thomas menions USA-headquartered agrochemical company, Monsanto, as key culprit, as well as Swiss government policies. 

This is a fascinating observation by a Danish citizen, pointing the finger squarely on USA food production, and it is not accidental that the United States legislature has Senate Bill 68, The Farm Act, pending in the United States legislature to control and protect food production and agricultural exports out of the United States.

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