| May 26, 2023

May 26, 2023

Dear LPL Financial General Counsel, Michelle Oroschakoff, LPL CEO and President Dan Arnold, and Mary Beth Benzing:

I spent 16 years and 3 months of my life supporting and lifting LPL Financial as a Financial Planning firm. Now, LPL Financial (NYSE: LPLA) must uphold LPL Financial's end of our March 29, 2023 - May 1, 2023 amicable Separation Agreement, and must likewise support me, Lisa Ditkowsky, CFP®.

LPL Financial, you well know that there was FRAUD and were FELONIES in my deceased clients' five accounts between March, 2022 to CURRENT (I forwarded you the email from the Corebridge Financial Senior Fraud Investigator this week, that now, all of the sudden, Corebridge Financial cannot find my deceased clients' substantial accounts).

When I was unable to reach the client or her disabled daughter last summer, and in August there was lots of fraud in Helen Ramirez-Odell's accounts, I immediately reported this to all of my Supervisors and implored them for help and asked what I should do.

LPL Financial, you well know that your totally corrupt Supervisors (in a completely Globalist and politically weaponized Home Office Supervisory structure, March 2021-May 1 2023)) were transacting in the deceased clients' accounts last August 2022. LPL Financial, I have given you since last year, and to General Counsel starting in February, 2023, HUNDREDS OF PAGES OF EVIDENCE of FRAUD, COLLUSION, AND CORRUPTION within LPL Financial's Supervisory and Legal, Risk and Compliance structures.

LPL Financial, you even gave me GC attorneys to help me try and get the five Helen Ramirez-Odell accounts resolved and claimed for the two Special Needs / Disabled / Mentally Ill beneficiaries. BTW, this is not private information, as the fraudsters opened a 100 percent public Cook County, Illinois PROBATE ESTATE, which my deceased client of 12 years NEVER, EVER WANTED a probate estate. Helen Ramirez-Odell's only place she wanted her MONEY or her LEGACY to go was to her Disabled daughter and Disabled grandson. Helen Ramirez-Odell's contingent beneficiaries are NOT political candidates and political causes, but her causes are the National Mental Illinois Association and Loyola School of Nursing, her alma mater, because she was always advocating for more nurses and mental health professionals to fill the vast shortages in Illinois and in Chicago Public Schools.

It is outrageous that LPL Financial General Counsel allowed it's corrupt Home Office Supervisory structure to give me a dangerous member of the Deep State for my last 30 days with LPL Financial, when I was harassed and tormented by proven Deep State Thugs for 2 years already (since mid-March 2021). You can take issue with my characterization all you want, but "Deep State" means advancing private, partisan, political agendas and causes, and a "Thug" is simply a lawless and / or violent person. And, I have 100 percent indisputable proof of United States Mail Fraud in my clients' accounts, including my deceased clients' five LPL Financial accounts (July statements marked "Return to Sender, DECEASED" with MY NAME, MY REP ID and CFP® on them, were NOT imaged into my ClientWorks until 12/23/22 and 12/30/22. In addition to my deceased clients' beneficiary / trustees reporting receipt of a fraudulent letter in the mail, and totally unrelated clients of mine receiving multiple fraudulent letters in the mail, there was also interferece with United States mail. This is on top of United States Mail Fraud, and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of my INCOME was STOLEN FROM ME and never returned by your criminal supervisors. I turned over hundreds of pages of proof to LPL Financial, including to LPL Financial General Counsel / Michelle Oroschakoff. And, to date, I am owed THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of returned fees / income to me, which LPL  Financial criminal Supervisors (Loren Scott Kyes and Kristen Diane Wasilkewski / Kristen Wasilewski Mirabal) and ignorant young attorney Roma Patel, wrongly took from multiple clients of mine whose accounts I was actively managing. Three large accounts of various clients were ILLEGALLY TERMINATED. I send LPL Financial all of the proof starting in August of 2022.

LPL Financial is engdangering me, my Family, and my professional partners by not adhering to its end of our amicable separation agreement. LPL Financial MUST get the CFP Board to immediately CEAST and DESIST its collusion with William J. Blyth and Robert F. Blyth and its protection of the criminals who CONCEALED Helen Ramirez-Odell's death from me, Helen Ramirez-Odell's CFP® / CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ of 12 years, as well as from LPL Financial, the Firm. I have sent LPL Financial PLENTY of PROOF showing how the Blyth brother (Blyth & Associates) plus Rubin Law (attorneys Brian Rubin and Benjamin Rubin) knew of Helen Ramirez-Odell's death, did NOT report it to me or LPL Financial, as required BY LAW, all the while traffic transacting in my deceased clients' estate, which I worked copiously on the Estate Planning for - all 100 percent public in the Cook County Court system due to public records and  an unwanted opened Probate estate in the name of Helen Ramirez-Odell.

LPL Financial well knows that on April 13, 2023, Supervisor John Scarabino provided me and LPL Financial FIVE FRAUDULENT SIGNATURES, which LPL Financial used to move Helen Ramirez-Odell's FIVE accounts. John Scarabino actually thought that I would not notice that his fake wet signature was an "Adobe Font Signature"! This is 100 Percent NON-COMPLIANT and ILLEGITIMATE. According to LPL Compliance, Legal and Risk, we could only move money  at LPL Financial and sign legal documents all with DocuSign signatures with envelope IDs or with all wet signatures, NOT WITH FRAUDULENT TRICK "ADOBE FONT SIGNATURES". 

**THERE WAS SO MUCH ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN MY DECEASED CLIENTS' ACCOUNTS by LPL Financial bad actors, and there was so much illegal activity in my deceased clients' estate, that NO ONE AT LPL Financial would even give me valid counterparty signatures to my wet signatures. I was entitled by law to receive valid counterparty signatures from LPL Financial, moving my client of 12 years' Estate. LPL Financial never gave me legitimate or legally valid counterparty signatures, but moved Helen Ramirez-Odell's money with the ILLEGAL SIGNATURES!

In addition, LPL Financial, your Supervisor, John Scarabino started telling me how he was in communication with "Moira Melendez", "Brigid Gerace", and "William J. Blyth" in Chicago?! When I questioned the Murreitta, CA LPL Supervisor why he would be in touch with my deceased clients' Special Needs beneficiary, he admitted he was "mistaken". Why was he working with William J. Blyth and his 85-year-old famed actress client who ADMITTED TO ME AND MY MOM THAT SHE WAS LYING ABOUT EVERYTHING AND DID NOT EVEN KNOW Moira Melendez at all?  (PLEASE, CFP Board and LPL Financial, note the SUBSTANCE NEWS article from April, 2022. This is a J.B. Pritzker-funded partisan Chicago Public Schools, radical leftist public eduction publication. 

"There was a visitation at Malec and Sons Funeral Home Sunday, April 3, from 1 until 5 pm. A simple Chapel Service was held at 3 with a minister who knew Helen.

Helen's best friend, Brigid Gerace, who was with her when she died, gave a short speech talking about Helen's various passions, including having a Mother Jones statue erected in Chicago.

Helen's daughter, Moira Melendez, also spoke, saying how close she was to her mother and would miss her very much. Her husband, Paul Odell, was present and is in poor health. Several retired nurses were there as were Jesse Sharkey and Stacy Gates Davis, officers from the Chicago Teachers Union.

The interment was held on Monday, April 4, at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.

Helen Ramirez-Odell was born Helen Hershinow in Chicago and grew up in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of the city. She attended Loyola University Chicago and received her B.S.N. and R.N. degrees in nursing in 1964. She then worked in the Chicago Public Schools as a school nurse for over forty years until her retirement in 2011.

When she discovered, in the late 60s, that she could not make a needed purchase from Goldblatt's because they did not give women credit, she was outraged and joined Chicago NOW.

Here she became an activist for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, a cause she has championed to this day.

In the early 70s, she joined the Chicago Teachers Union and became a member of its Women's Rights Committee, which she chaired from 1984 to 2009. During her tenure, the Committee worked to end sexual harassment, supported women's advancement at the Washburne Trade School, sought to improve conditions and employment for women in sports, promoted women's labor history, supported women political candidates, and fought for women's health, birth control and reproductive choice, among many other issues.

In 1995 she was a Women in Labor History Project founder, later called the Working Women's History Project. During this time, she was also active in the Chicago Coalition of Labor Union Women and Cassandra, A Radical Feminist Nurses Network. She wrote and published Working Without Uniforms, the story of school nurses in Chicago from 1951 to 2001, and created a manuscript R.N. Revolution Needed, about the need for a feminist transformation of the nursing profession.

Here are some websites to learn more about this remarkable woman:

There is a resolution brought up at the Illinois House to honor her (HR787):

There will be a celebration of Helen's life on Saturday, May 14 from 11 am to 2 pm at Chief O'Neill's Restaurant, 3471 North Elston, Chicago."


The J.B. Pritzker SUBSTABNCE NEWS (little known Radical Public Education Defender publication) article is Communist Propaganda (expect for the links showing that my long time client, Helen Ramirez-Odell, was a public figure with lots of media and news about her over her career) which completely lies about 1) Brigid Duffy Gerace being Helen Ramirez-Odell's best friend. This is COMPLETELY FALSE, as Helen only mentioned Brigid's name to me once time in twelve years, and I think it was in an email of an event they had in common. 2) Brigid Duffy Gerace was NOT at Helen's bedside when she died. Helen 100 percent ONLY WANTED HER DAUGHTER AND HUSBAND. We went over this throughout 12 years and the entire Estate Planning. 3) The Substance news article relegates Helen's only daughter (Special Needs) and her beloved second husband, to mere afterthoughts. 

This is a hijacking of Helen Ramirez-Odell's family and legacy to put her only child and spouse secondary to an opportunist woman who she only knew as one of THOUSANDS OF HER FRIENDS: "Helen's daughter, Moira Melendez, also spoke, saying how close she was to her mother and would miss her very much. Her husband, Paul Odell, was present and is in poor health."

It is notable that Helen was laid to rest at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery with her decorated Military Veteran second husband -

If Helen Ramirez-Odell was a radical as partisan politicians hijacked her legacy and painted her after her death, she would not have chosen a USA Veterans' final resting place with her decorated Military veteran husband. 


We can all be amicable and communicative and support each other. Otherwise, I will have no choice but defend myself with the complete truth going forward. 

I am sure that LPL Financial (NYSE: LPLA) would like to put this horrible situation behind them and deal internally with its employees and affiliates. 

Likewise, Erin Ardale Koeppel, Erik Nicholaus Frias, Leo Rydzerski, Kevin Keller, and Mogan Stenley's James Gorman, John Burns and Joel Leslie Konigsberg, should ALL want to have INTEGRITY and to do the right thing and not all pit yourselves against a professional (a "girl from Chicago" and professional Journalist by training) who proceeded with all the right heart, soul, professionalism and integrity to stand up for my deceased clients' wishes for her specia needs / disabled / mentally ill heirs.

RETALIATION AGAINST WHISTLEBLOWERS IS A FEDERAL CRIME, AND Erik Frias and Erin Keoppel surely know this. I will ensure that everyone, including, Morgan Stanlety's James Gorman, John Burns and Joel Leslie Konigsberg (whose name is on 89 pages of defamation and lies about me) are indicted, charged and appropriately dealt with if I am not given an APOLOGY. This is scary weaponization of a public traded Personal Financial Planning company and supposed Public Charity / Not-for-profit Foundation. Kevin Keller makes more than a MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR and is letting a feminist woman with a perfect 18-year-record be publicly defamed in a political without run by your special interests. 

When all I want is for Helen Ramirez-Odell's daughter to get all of the vast estate her mother left to her via SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST. Consider that between March 22, 2022 and April, 2023, NO ONE EVER CLAIMED THE LPL Financial Accounts. This is CRIMINAL, when Helen Ramirez-Odell had me, her CFP® in touch until right before she passed! There is NO EXCUSE for no one claiming the accounts for 13 months, and I had to put them in LPL Financial House Accounts, and LPL Supervisor John Scarabino gave me FIVE FRAUDULENT counterparty signatures. I brought this to his attention and LPL General Counsel's attention, and did not receive one word back. 

NOTE TO CFP BOARD - You are abdicating all ethical responsibilities for trying to defame and shoot the messenger, when it is your responsibility to protect CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING clients of ours. This is incomprehensible.