Darren Bailey For Illinois' 12th Congressional District - 2024

Darren Bailey For Illinois' 12th Congressional District - 2024

| July 05, 2023


* CFP is "Credentialed / Certified Fertility Pro", which I adopted in late 2021, when I switched my LinkedIn to GBFI™ (GLOBAL FERTILITY BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE™), my "For Journalism Only Brand". However, in June, 2023, the criminal Washington DC political lobbyists at the Certified Financial Planner Board led by dirty Globalist sychophants, published lies and defamation about me. 

Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski (CEO and GC of the Washington DC CFP Board) support pedophiles, human traffickers and criminals who run Ponzi schemes (per Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, etc.) and illegally target and defame conservatives with evil press releases and abusive sourcecoding.  

Lisa Ditkowsky, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and President of Pllush Capital Management, calls for the not-for-profit status of the criminal political lobbyists at Washington DC CFP Board to be immediately and irrevocably revoked.*

It will NEVER be forgotten Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski, that you programmed my stellar name all over your website sourcecode to hijack my brand and reputation with Erik Frias, Erin Ardale Koeppel and Joel L. Konigsberg of Morgan Stanley's radical left corrupt Constellation Group, plus allowed young Adam Zajac to stalk my PERSONAL LINKEDIN at the same exact minutes as the CFP® "Professionals" who STOLE MY DECESAED CLIENT'S MONEY, LEGACY AND LIKENESS FOR DEMOCRATIC MIDTERM POLITICAL FUNDRAISING IN 2022 AND 2023. 
Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski, this is national political corruption and political racketeering, and I was illegally targeted by my supervisory team and their slave masters at LPL Financial in cahootz with William J. Blyth and Robert J. Blyth, two 70-year-old twins with a DISGORGEMENT SEC CASE and a SCATHING CHICAGO BBB REVIEW BY THE CHILDREN OF HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS. 

CFP Board should NOT be a charity and tax-exempt not-for-profit. CFP Board are traitors, anti-American and political hit men. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, as I took two extra years of University coursework, passed a two-day test, and maintained current in CE for FIFTEEN YEARS. Your refusing to let me and my representative on the phone call / Zoom Call to defend myself against your lies and defamation, and then saying I cannot use your "registered trademark" is obscene. 

Your CFP® trademark is robbery and it is tainted because you allow criminals and pedophiles to use it, and you target pro-America conservatives.  This is as reported heavily in FORBES, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, BARRONS and other outlets. Something is very crooked and criminal when Google news searched for MY NAME bring up two of my articles and SIX LINKS TO THE CFP BOARD WEBSITE. 

Kevin Keller and Leo Rydzewski each make more than $1M a year and are prurient perverted leaders of a politically weaponized Washington DC political lobbyists that needs to be disbanded. CFP programming should be strictly run by colleges and universities and not Washington DC political lobbysists who use an army of lawyers and FINRA arbitrators / brokers to bully and publicly stone conservatives (Adam Zajac, John L. Konigsberg, Erik Frias and Erin Ardale Koeppel). Frias and Koeppel do NOT even have valid Federal Court standing and are disbarred from Washington DC Federal Court. Along with Adam Zajac, they are two-bit political subservients to a corrupt DC establishment. Nobody should trust Joel L. Kongsberg's Constellation Group at Morgan Stanley with managing their money, as he leads a politically weaponized Washington DC CFP Board Disciplinary and Ethics Commission. Joel L. Konigsberg has proven himself as completely corrupt, and had allowed Chicago's Blyth & Associates to defame and steal from the legacy of my deceased client, Helen Ramirez Odell. It is DISGUSTING, and her two mentally ill, disabled, special needs beneficiaries are suffering due to Joel L. Konigsberg's incompetence and cruel actions as CFP Board's DEC Chair. 

The Washington DC CFP Board and Chicago Public Schools' CTU / RTAC / CPS School Board are the most politically dangerous and dangerous to America organized crime organizations in America. IMA is a close third, but seeing as the world is faced with war, IMA (Illinois Manaufacturers' Association has had no choice but to support its own country the past year or so. And I am watching Mark Denzler and Phillip McCall extremely carefully, and everyone in the world should, as they were in bed with my corrupt LPL Financial supervisory team illegally surveilling me and my prestigious LPL Financial clients between March 2021 and May 1, 2023.

*CFP Board, as stated copiously for months, CFP was never CFP®. I will ALWAYS be a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER. I was NOT using the registered trademark the past few years on my LinkedIn as you falsely allege. It is the Washington DC CFP Board which must immediately have its charity / not-for-profit / tax-exempt status irrevocably revoked. CFP Board is too dangerous to politics in America.

Happy Fourth of July / Independence Day to all of my Global Friends for whom the United States of America holds special magic and meaning. And for whom it doesn't, we apologize, and we are going to do better and free all of America. It is fitting that Denmark, EU, also celebrates the 4th of July, and Copenhagen just held the ESHRE 39th Annual Meeting (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology). So from USA to our far reaches of the globe, we wish you all success, peace and love in your daily battles for freedom and independence.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dYWe1c3OyU&t=0s (WE WILL SURVIVE! WE WILL NOT SURRENDER)

Darren Bailey will have no issues beating Mike Bost, b/c Mike Bost is Bought! Bost has failed us miserably in Southern Illinois the past 8 years, and while Bost contributes to the RINO pork that is out same ole same ole government in Illinois, our farmland, manufacturing contracts and Department of Defense and aerospace contracts have been gifted to foreign governments and enemy regimes c/o of bought politicians like Bost.

Darren and Cindy Bailey know that freedom does not have to be hard, but it has to be learned, studied, taught, exercised and prayed upon 24-7. For the moment that freedom and independence are taken for granted, the enemy strikes and pounds without mercy.

I, Lisa Ditkowsky, founder and leader of GLOBAL FERTILITY BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE™, invite the world to join me in supporting Cindy and Darren Bailey of Xenia, IL, in their selfless work to secure Illinois' 12th Congressional legislative seat to restore our One Nation, Under G-d, Indivisible, With Liberty And Justice For All! XOXO